Meet Your Makers! #1

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I&J-2This lovely maiden is Victoria!  She’s responsible for all of the adorable flower arrangements you see on our tables every week.  Victoria also lovingly puts up all of the window arrangements whenever new things are brought in to brighten the space!

Miss V has been with us at Ike & Jane about 5 days a week for 4 years..  We’re all pretty sure her favorite/least favorite thing to do when she gets to work is to organize the odd bits we all leave lying about during the crazy mornings.  She’s a fantastic de-clutterer.  We literally come apart at the seams whenever she goes out of town.

Victoria is not only an amazing staffer at Ike & Jane, but in her other lives Victoria swings from trapezes and teaches young beginners at Canopy,  gracefully contorts at AVPDA, and models for an agency in Huntsville, AL.  All around, she’s keeping busy!

Anyway, we love Victoria.  Say, “Hi” sometime!

Love & Donuts,

Ike & Jane