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About I&J


Ike & Jane is a locally owned and operated restaurant and bakery in Athens, Georgia! We make all of the things you’ll see in our restaurant every day from scratch just like your grams used to. We take great joy in spreading love through fresh sandwiches, donuts, cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, and so many little goodies every day!


Is There A Real Ike & Jane?

Yes! We named our restaurant after our grandparents. Nana Jane is from a long line of bakers who originally owned the Tully Bakery, Located in Tully, NY. Ike & Jane ran the bakery for many years, but the family has since sold the business. Now we’re carrying on the tradition every day in our own kitchens!



Aside from the smiling staff you see in our stores every day, we have a few highly trained donut magicians and bakers that are working 24 hours a day to bring you the goodies we serve at Ike & Jane on a daily basis!


Jobs & Internships

If you’re interested in a job at any of the Ike & Jane locations, you’ll need to put in an application at our Prince Avenue location.  We keep applications on hand for whenever we’re hiring, or you can print one off with this download!

We have 6-month and year-long internships in our wholesale bakery. We choose between applicants based on availability and interest level. We are always looking to find great people interested in expanding their baking into a career. Please fill out an internship application at our Prince Avenue location.